Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sun, Sand, and Ice Cream

Oh the joys of summer. There was that moment...there on the beach, the sun toasting my skin, my toes digging until they found cool sand, while I watched Owen and Truman work on their masterpiece sandcastle. The ocean spread out before me so big and full of color. I counted at least six variations of blue: cornflower blue in the sky, turquoise, sea green, steel-blue, deep blue (almost navy), and sea foam blue. It was the epitome of summer. Waves crashed, seagulls called, and I bobbed and played in the ocean with my family.

And then there was the ice cream: summer's true delight! I loved the sign "Welcome Home" that greeted us as we entered the air-conditioned sanctuary and began to select our flavor for the day. Our first day at the Island Creamery, I figured we frequent the parlor every-other-day. Um. We went. Every. Single. Day.
Can I just admit that having access to cable TV was also part of the vacation joy? We haven't had cable for three years, which means the only time we ever watch TV is if we're watching a DVD. But for a week, we enjoyed Chopped, NASA's Unexplained Mysteries, and Forensic Files. After a day of sunshine and swimming, it was so nice to sit in comfy chairs, snuggle, and watch fun shows together.

Thursday night, the Marina hosted a kids' pool party. Madi and Elise started their own spontaneous dance party. As the sun set, it painted the world with rose and gold. Somehow that beautiful ocean, looked even more beautiful. The marsh grass glowed in bright lime green. It was magical light. Summer's evening gift. 

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