Saturday, July 10, 2010

The past three weeks

A blur. Craziness. Sleeplessness. Too much busy-ness. The first three weeks of our summer has been jam-packed with doing! I was the director of the Pickwick Players Summer Drama Camp for the first two weeks. It was a huge amount of effort (which included but was not limited to) dancing, singing, acting, preparing schedules, preparing daily theater lessons, playing games, preparing daily activities, truck loads of set, and costumes.
We went from this... To this...
And I agreed to do it all...for three simple reasons: Madi, Leasie, and Meya.

They were orphans in the show and loved it! (Madi is in the green shirt, Leasie is next to her in yellow, and Meya is in the pink shirt on the end)

As the cast took their final bow and the audience (aka parents and families) clapped, Meya burst into tears. "I don't want it to be done!" she sobbed as I hugged her. "I'm going to miss all my friends."
I've felt the same way at the end of past shows, and I was glad Meya had such a positive experience that she didn't want it to end.

Today...more than a week after their final bow and goodbyes, I found the girls in my room acting out the scenes from Annie. They were singing, dancing, and laughing.
So, I venture to say that it was all worth it.