Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Back in Time

This week has been full of holiday cheer for our family. Sometimes it seems we are too crazy busy - swirling in a tornado of rehearsals, recitals, costumes, and performances. (And the house absolutely looks like a tornado has blown through with dishes and laundry everywhere!) But I so missed performing while living in Jakarta - the traffic was just too paralytic to get people together to practice and perform. So we're feasting on the fun.

Virginia represents the quintessential charm of yesteryear  - how I love the old homes decorated with garlands and candles for the holidays! It is nostalgic and magical. Elise and Madi sang with the Teen Pickwick Singers at the Hillsboro home tour on Saturday. There was a little drama when they realized they were the first to arrive and would need to walk to the house all by themselves fully decked out in Dickens costumes.

But they rallied, put on happy faces, gathered their music and trudged across the lawn to the holiday house.
There was this wonderful moment as I watched them gather their skirts to climb the stairs. They walked side by side, their long hair blew in the wind, and they looked perfectly fitted for the stone fences, white pillared porches, and the rolling hills in the background. I thought they looked timelessly beautiful. Reality returned quickly when Madi turned to flash me a smile and the capital "L" sign on her forehead. How I love these two girls!

They sang their carols in the biting cold. And I hope they will remember this festive event with joy...I know I will.